Question: Is Charlie Puth In The New Subway Commercial?

Is Charlie Puth in the subway commercial?

Subway $5 Footlong TV Commercial, ‘Any Footlong’ Featuring Charlie Puth.

Charlie Puth and an ensemble of Subway employees serenade you with the restaurants latest deal: any footlong for $5 when you buy two online on through the Subway app..

Who is the keyboard player in the subway commercial?

Charlie PuthIn response to the tweet, Charlie Puth hops on his keyboard and belts out that the deal is back when two are purchased.

What family is in the new subway commercial?

J.J. Watt is back with his family in another hilarious video touting Subway’s footlong sandwiches. J.J. and his brothers T.J. and Derek showed off their acting chops along with their parents, Connie and John, in a video promoting a free footlong when you buy two at Subway.

Who is the singer in the new subway commercial?

Viewed as set back for Subway’s CEO John Chidsey, who strongly promoted the initiatives as the 2020 COVID pandemic, negatively impacted sales. Even with the company hiring “One Call Away” singer Charlie Puth, to sing the deal’s praises in the TV ad, the Subway franchisees won out.

Who are the 3 guys in the subway commercial?

The new ad features the entire Watt family, who just made a stop at Subway to pick up some sandwiches for the boys – JJ, Derek and T.J. JJ Watt’s dad hand JJ a turkey sandwich, which he calls his favorite.

Who are the twins in the subway commercial?

Now there’s Jeff and Jon Hand, identical twins from Gladewater who’ve lost over a hundred pounds on the subway diet. The pair are now appearing in local Subway commercials. They’ve lost 225 pounds combined eating low-fat, subway sandwiches. And since losing the weight, Jon and Jeff have gained lots of attention.

How much did Charlie Puth make from See You Again?

1 hit song–Wiz Khalifa’s “See You Again” featuring Charlie Puth. In the last 12 months, this recording generated $11,732 in performance royalties. Up for auction is 100% of the seller’s interest in domestic sound recording performance royalties, and 30% of the international royalties.

Who are the 3 guys in the new subway commercial?

Brothers TJ Watt, JJ Watt and Derek Watt are the newest faces of a humorous new Subway commercial. The ad features the three doing what brothers do best, arguing over who gets what sandwich — with mom and dad there to break things up!

Who are the football players in the new subway commercial?

Subway, with the help of NFL stars Marshawn Lynch and Keenan Allen, is launching the Subway Pro Teen Awards to celebrate future pros working to achieve their athletic dreams.

Who is the woman in the subway commercial?

As it turns out, that job slinging sandwiches was exactly what she needed to get her name out on a national scale. In May, Jimenez, who goes by the stage name Destiny Faith, was cast in a series of Subway television commercials after winning a national jingle contest for employees.

Is Marshawn Lynch in subway commercial?

Subway TV Commercial, ‘Virtual’ Featuring Marshawn Lynch – Measure the brand and business impact of TV and video ads from a single solution.