Quick Answer: What Does Chua Mean In Korean?

What does Chichi mean in Korean?

Korean Meaning.

치치 affectedly trendy / someone who dresses in a trendy fashionable way / affectedly trendy and fashionable, Usage..

What does Chua mean in Chinese?

Thai law did not (and does not) allow identical surnames to those already in existence, so ethnic Chinese formerly surnamed Chua incorporating words that sound like “Chua” and have good meaning (such as Chai, meaning “victory”) into much longer surnames.

What does Chee Chee mean?

chee usually offensiveusually offensive. : a person of mixed European and Asian descent.

What does Boya mean in Korean?

It’s actually Meoya (뭐야), but for foreigner ears, sounds like “boya”. Meaning: “What?” —- the short expression of “What are you talking about?” “Why did you say/do that?” Never use this toward older people, people you don’t know, not so close friend, more to a stranger.

What does Chua mean?

CHUA is a Male baby name and origin is Native American. CHUA, Male means: Native American Hopi name CHUA means “snake.” In Native American, the name CHUA is most often used as the name of a Male. And in Native American, the Male name CHUA means Native American Hopi name CHUA means “snake.”

What kind of name is Chua?

Chua Surname User-submission: Chai is a Chinese surname that derives from the name of the ancient Cai state. It is regionally more common in China’s Fujian Province and in areas settled by ethnic Chinese from that province than in China as a whole.

What is Naneun in Korean?

난(nan) abbreviated the word 나는(naneun) 나(na) means i/me. 는(neun) is topic marker. 나는 means i’m / i am.

How do u say goodnight in Korean?

Jaljayo (잘 자요) is the formal way of saying good night in Korean.

What is chowa Korean?

I like. I like is used in Korean. The word chowa is used in Korean meaning I like.

Does Chi-Chi mean milk?

Chi-Chi is translated as “milk.” However, in Mexico, the word “chichi” is used to refer (somewhat obscenely) to a woman’s breast. “Chichi” actually comes from the Nahuatl word for female breast, but at some point it was appropriated as the colloquial word.

What does Chi-Chi mean?

(ʃi ʃi ) also chi-chi. adjective. If you say that something is chichi, you mean that it is pretty or stylish, especially in a way that you consider affected. [mainly US, disapproval]

Is Choi a Chinese name?

Choi may refer to: Choi (Korean surname), a Korean surname. Choi, Macau Cantonese transliteration of the Chinese surname Cui (崔) Choi, Cantonese romanisation of Cai (surname) (蔡), a Chinese surname.

What is Chula?

Chula is Spanish slang for “cute” or “a beautiful woman,” often seen in mami chula (“hottie”).

Is Chai a Chinese name?

Chai (Chinese: 柴; Wade–Giles: Ch’ai, also spelled as Tsai, Tchai) is a Chinese surname. … Chai is listed 325th in the Song dynasty classic text Hundred Family Surnames. As of 2008, it is the 127th most common surname in China, shared by 1.35 million people.