Quick Answer: What Is The Adjective Of Traditional?

What is traditional part of speech?

Traditional grammar classifies words based on eight parts of speech: the verb, the noun, the pronoun, the adjective, the adverb, the preposition, the conjunction, and the interjection.

Each part of speech explains not what the word is, but how the word is used..

What is an example of traditional?

The definition of traditional is something that is in keeping with long-standing tradition, style or custom. An example of traditional is the practice of eating turkey as the traditional or accepted Thanksgiving meal. An example of traditional is a formal style of furniture that doesn’t change with fads or the seasons.

What is the noun of bright?

Answer: BrE /braɪt/ ; NAmE /braɪt/ brights [plural] (North American English) the headlights on a vehicle set to a position in which they are shining as brightly as possible and not directed downwards Word Origin. See bright in the Oxford Advanced American Dictionary.

What type of adjective is traditional?

Of, relating to, or derived from tradition. Observant of tradition; attached to old customs; old-fashioned.

What is the noun form of traditional?

/trəˈdɪʃn/ [countable, uncountable] ​a belief, custom or way of doing something that has existed for a long time among a particular group of people; a set of these beliefs or customs. religious/cultural/ancient traditions. This region is steeped in tradition.

Is tradition an abstract noun?

Some abstract nouns can be formed by adding ness to the adjectives….Abstract Nouns.actionintentionconfusiontraditiondecisionrepetitioneducationsubmission2 more rows

How do you use the word classic?

Her beauty was cool and classic , like that of the man before her. Among the public buildings are the town hall, classic in style; the market house, and literary and scientific institution, with a museum containing a fossil collection from the limestone of the locality.

What is the root word of traditional?

Traditions are longstanding customs and practices. … The noun tradition has Latin roots in the word tradere, which means hand over or hand down. So think of a tradition as something that is handed down from one generation to another.

Is the word traditional an adjective?

adjective. of or relating to tradition. handed down by tradition.

What is the adverb of traditional?

Tradition becomes the adverb traditionally.

What is the verb of decision?

The verb form of decision is decide.

Is Traditionality a word?

The state or condition of being traditional.

Which is the closest antonym for the word traditional?

Antonyms for traditionalAntonyms: untraditional, nontraditional.Definition: not conforming to or in accord with tradition.Antonyms: unconventional.Definition: not conforming to accepted rules or standards.Antonyms: unconventional.Definition: not conventional or conformist.Antonyms: nuclear, atomic.More items…

Is classic an adverb?

In a classical manner; according to the manner of classical authors. In the manner of classes; according to a regular order of classes or sets.

What is the adjective of classic?

adjective Also classical (for defs. 1-5, 8, 10). of the first or highest quality, class, or rank: a classic piece of work. … modeled upon or imitating the style or thought of ancient Greece and Rome: The 17th and 18th centuries were obsessed with classic ideals.

What is the synonym of traditional?

conventional, customary, established, long-established, accepted, orthodox, standard, regular, normal, conservative. common, run-of-the-mill, habitual, set, fixed, routine, usual, accustomed. old-fashioned, staid, unadventurous, conformist, stereotyped, clichéd, undistinguished, wonted.

What is the meaning of traditional wear?

Traditional dress may be defined as the ensemble of garments, jewelry, and accessories rooted in the past that is worn by an identifiable group of people. … It conjures up images of rural people dressed in colorful, layered, exotic clothing from an idealized past in some faraway place.

What is the meaning of traditional education?

Traditional education, also known as back-to-basics, conventional education or customary education, refers to long-established customs that society traditionally used in schools.

Does Classic mean old?

A classic can be something old that remains prized or valuable (but not an antique).

Is the word tradition a noun verb or adjective?

noun. the handing down of statements, beliefs, legends, customs, information, etc., from generation to generation, especially by word of mouth or by practice: a story that has come down to us by popular tradition.

What is the verb of traditional?

transitive verb. : to make traditional : imbue with traditions or traditionalism.